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1 Porter’s lodge
2 Snail farm – Department of Small Livestock Breeding
3 Car park
4 Administrative and office building: Laboratory of Genomics, Financial and Accounting Department, Office of the Director for Infrastructure Affairs, Technical Service Department
5 Main building: General Director Office, IT Department, Office of the Director for Scientific Affairs, Doctoral School, Project Handling Team, Conference and Training Centre, Library, Public Procurement Team, Occupational Health and Safety Unit, Department of Production Systems and Environment, Department of Sheep and Goat Breeding, Department of Cattle Breeding, Department of Pig Breeding, Department of Animal Molecular Biology, Department of Small Livestock Breeding, Publications Unit
6 The National Bank of Biological Material
7 Department of Reproductive Biotechnology and Cryoconservation, Bank of Biological Material
8 Radziwiłł Palace – Management, General Director Office, Team of Legal Advisors, Guest Rooms

1 Rabbit house
2 Laboratory and office building – Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
3 Palace – Department of Horse Breeding, Department of Poultry Breeding
4 Department of Laboratory Analytics
5 Sheep house