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Training for students of the Agricultural Training Centre School Complex from Nowy Targ – Balice, 17 April 2024

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On 17 April 2024, we had the pleasure of conducting a training course at the Department of Reproductive Biotechnology and Cryopreservation (ZBRiK) of the National Research Institute of Animal Production for students of two majors: veterinary technician and agribusiness technician from the Agricultural Training Centre School Complex (ZSCKR) from Nowy Targ.

The training was divided into theoretical and practical parts, with particular emphasis on issues related to the ex situ conservation of animal genetic resources. Participants became acquainted with the scientific research conducted at the department and its practical use in agriculture.

The theoretical classes focused on issues related to mammalian cloning techniques, which are the “last chance” to bring back extinct species or restore populations of species and breeds threatened with extinction. In addition, the possibility of using stem cells in veterinary medicine was presented. During the practical classes, participants had the opportunity to carry out their own evaluation of the quality of boar and cock semen, and then freeze (cryopreserve) the evaluated biological material.