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Department of Farm Animal Biodiversity Conservation and Horse Breeding

Eng. Agnieszka Chełmińska, Ph.D.
phone: 666 081 2

  • breeding and rearing under different conditions of maintenance and use,
  • determining the adaptation of animals of local breeds to changing environmental conditions,
  • building added value of conservation breeds using the influence of genetics and environmental factors on the quality of products from conservation breeds,
  • developing, implementing and monitoring conservation of native breeds by in situ and ex situ methods,
  • implementing innovative methods in molecular biology and reproductive biotechnology for the preservation of the biodiversity of native breeds,
  • developing, modifying and implementing methods of evaluating the productive and genetic value of horses and publishing the results of these evaluations,
  • active participation and substantive guidance in field selection, breeding, performance and promotion work (breeding and performance championships, selection of stallions and mares, performance tests),
  • active participation in conferences, exhibitions, shows, fairs and other activities to raise awareness of the conservation of genetic resources,
  • implementation and dissemination of research results obtained,
  • implementation and dissemination of the “native breed” certification system among breeders of native cattle breeds.
  • cooperation with international, foreign and national organizations and institutions in the field of conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources;
  • updating and implementing the National Strategy for the Sustainable Use and Conservation of Farm Animal Genetic Resources and the Action Plan,
  • cooperation with the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment,
  • cooperation with FAO and FAO-appointed entities on the implementation of the Global Plan of Action (GPA) for Animal Genetic Resources,
  • cooperation with the European Regional Focal Point for Animal Genetic Resources (ERFP),
  • cooperation with the European Genebank Network EUGENA for Animal Genetic Resources,
  • cooperation within the National Network for the ex situ conservation of genetic resources;
  • development and modification of programmes for the conservation of genetic resources of horses, cattle and bees and procedures for their implementation,
  • coordination, monitoring and implementation of the genetic resources conservation programmes under the Department (animal certification, record keeping),
  • maintenance and management of databases on national genetic resources of horses, cattle and bees,
  • cooperation with other breeding departments with regard to:
  • the procedure for taking up/withdrawing from implementation of the Conservation Programme,
  • the maintenance of consistency in the conservation programmes of individual conservation populations,
  • monitoring of population size and determination of threat status,
  • completion of international and national databases.