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Department of Horse Breeding

Eng. Agnieszka Chełmińska, Ph.D.
phone: 666 081 2

  • Breeding and rearing in various conditions of horse keeping and using,
  • The influence of the ways of keeping and using horses on natural environment,
  • In situ and ex situ development, realization and monitoring of the activities, particularly for native breeds,
  • The development and implementation of innovative methods in the field of molecular biology and biotechnology of reproduction with the aim of preserving the biodiversity of native breeds,
  • Working out the genetic bases of the occurrence of functional traits in horses,
  • The development and implementation of the methods of the evaluation of horse productive and breeding value,
  • Active participation in field selection, breeding, productive and promotional works (breeding and productive championships, stallion and mare selection, bravery tests, exhibitions, performances),
  • Implementation and dissemination of the obtained research results (trainings, seminars, conferences, workshops, breeders reunions).
  • The development, modification and implementation of horse genetic resources conservation programmes and the procedures of their realization,
  • Conducting and management of database on national horse genetic resources,
  • Coordinating, monitoring and the realization of horse genetic resources conservation programmes (annual qualification of animals and herds, record-keeping),
  • Cooperation with national and international organizations and breeders in the field of protection and sustainable use of horse genetic resources.