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Department of Reproductive Biotechnology and Cryoconservation

  • application of a panel of modern methods of cytometric evaluation of semen of breeding animals in the framework of scientific and research and commercial activities;
  • cryopreservation of biological material (sperm, oocytes, embryos, tissue biopsies, somatic and stem cell lines) from livestock, companion and free-living animals – for the purposes of reproductive biotechnology and biodiversity conservation;
  • research in experimental and applied embryology and engineering of mammalian and avian gametes, embryos, somatic cells and stem cells;
  • molecular characterization and development of new methods for epigenetic modulation of gametes, germ cells, somatic cells and stem cells and use of their application potential in reproductive system biotechnology;
  • use of the application potential of transgenesis and genetic engineering to develop research models for animal and human regenerative and translational medicine and interdisciplinary research;
  • development of in vitro cellular models of reproductive toxicology and endocrinology in various livestock and free-living species;
  • development of ex vivo model studies to determine the effects of nanoparticles and environmental endotoxins on cells of various tissues and organs, including organs of the reproductive system of farmed and wild mammals, birds and fish;
  • development of systems for the isolation, derivation and ex ovo differentiation of embryonic stem cell lines derived from the blastoderm of fertilized eggs of various species of breeding birds.

The Bank of Biological Materials is operating within the structure of the department..