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Department of Small Livestock Breeding

Prof. Dorota Kowalska, Ph.D.
phone: 666 081 256

Conducts research, research and development, implementation, dissemination works and training in the field of breeding and rearing of carnivorous and herbivorous fur-bearing animals, snails and fish, concerning: 

  • breeding and rearing on farms of various size and production scale,
  • organic animal production in conditions of sustainable agriculture,
  • innovative technologies of the production of the highest quality livestock and pelts in conditions of higher standards of animal welfare,
  • the possibilities of increasing health-promoting substances in raw materials of animal origin,
  • influence of animal breeding on natural environment,
  • cooperation with agricultural advisory centres.

Realizes the tasks resulting from the Convention on Biological Diversity ratified by the Republic of Poland in the field of protection and sustainable use of small livestock genetic resources, consisting particularly in:

  • conducting and  management of database on national genetic resources of fur-bearing animals,
  • conducting activity in the field of development and supervision over the realization of farm animal genetic resources conservation programmes,
  • issuing breeding certificates and the certificates of including herds in genetic resources conservation programme.

The Department exerts supervision over functioning of conservation breeding of small livestock in Experimental Stations (including companies) of the Institute.